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While pursuing your degree at Harbert College of Business, you can expect a distinctive journey, tailored to your individual path. While each experience is unique, certain key elements remain consistent. By exploring the curriculum models and the four-year undergraduate experience, you will discover how core curriculum courses, professionalism courses, extracurricular activities, as well as the dedicated faculty and staff contribute to enhancing your education journey.

Freshman Year
Year 1

As a freshman business student, you start as a pre-business major, giving you the opportunity to explore various business majors. During this, you will grasp foundational business concepts and develop professional skills to determine the right business path for you.

Sophomore Year
Year 2

Sophomore year is a big year—it’s time to declare your business major! As you gain experience, more opportunities will become available to you. This year is a good year to identify your skills, strengths, and passions if you haven’t already.

Junior Year
Year 3

Explore the abundant opportunities at Harbert. Embrace leadership roles in organizations, engage in mentorship programs, pursue internships, and participate in competitions. These experiences will enrich your personal and professional growth.

Senior Year
Year 4

Finish your journey on a high note! Engage in professional organizations, keep networking, acquire part-time experience, and refine your resume and interview skills. Your dedication will pave the way to success!

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