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One of the most important documents you will create is your résumé. The primary pupose of a résumé is to get you an interview. It is your personal marketing tool for applying to clubs, leadership positions, scholarships, internships, employment, or graduate schools. As you build your résumé, focus on the value you bring. A résumé is not so much about you, but more about how you, your talents, and your experiences match the organization’s needs or requirements. Notice the emphasis is on the organization’s needs, not yours. A well-written résumé  should:

  • promote your unique combination of education, experiences, skills, qualifications, and activities
  • grab the reader’s attention
  • generate an interview.
Writing a résumé is an art form, not a science. There is no one way to write your résumé, only guidelines, and best practices. The OPCD offers a myriad of resources, advice, and ideas, including OPCD-approved and program champion-preferred templates, as well as multiple samples to use as inspiration. As you get more focused on your career prep, you may want to compose several versions explicitly tailored for different opportunities, positions, industries, and organizations. Below, you’ll find advice, guides, and samples more — all specifically designed to help you create a resume guaranteed to help you land the interview.

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